Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

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tune tuned and prepared to rumble, the camaro zl1 has muscle-vehicle dominance squarely in its attractions. Each the coupe and the convertible house a ferocious 650-hp supercharged 6. 2-liter v-eight decorated with the aid of the corvette z06. Electricity is despatched to the rear thru either a six-pace manual or a 10-velocity computerized and an electronic confined-slip differential, then scorches the pavement through eleven-inch-extensive rear wheels and tires. An 8. Zero-inch infotainment show is standard; a performance records recorder is non-compulsory. Discover the 455-hp 6. 2-liter v-8 in the camaro ss too uninteresting or underpowered? Chevrolet will now not inform you to get your head checked. Rather, it slaps a supercharger on that v-8, boosts the output to 650 horsepower, and installs it in the camaro along side a host of suspension and styling enhancements to create the zl1. To be had as both a coupe or a convertible-with your choice of a six-velocity guide transmission or a 10-velocity computerized with paddle shifters-the zl1 stands atop the camaro pile to see eye to eye with the ford mustang shelby gt350 and the avert challenger srt hellcat. In fact, if you do not forget the zl1's respiration performance at our 2017 lightning lap opposition, it seems down on those competition. What's new for 2018? 12 months after its remodel for the 2017 version yr, the zl1 gains a $ 7500 1le bundle that provides intense aerodynamic aids, greater track-equipped tires, more powertrain cooling, and unique racing-style spool-valve dampers. The option does no longer add more power to the zl1's supercharged v-eight engine, but then, with 650 horsepower, it does now not need any greater juice. It's remarkable-a lot so that we named it to our listing of 10best cars for 2018. Trims and options we'd choose

not like ordinary camaro models, the zl1 has no trim stages. The 650-hp muscle device comes one way, leaving shoppers best to select coupe or convertible, six-velocity manual or 10-pace computerized transmission, and fundamental alternatives. There is additionally the coupe-best $ 7500 1le package, which adds wild aerodynamic upgrades, semi-slick tires, and special suspension components that give it a stiff journey and substantially lessen the zl1's normal drivability. Until you plan on spending time on a racetrack, we are advise sticking with the simple $ 63,795 zl1 with the same old six-speed guide transmission. Choose your color and enjoy your decision. Widespread capabilities encompass:

• heated and ventilated the front seats and heated guidance wheel

• 650-hp supercharged 6. 2-liter v-eight

• six-speed manual transmission

• digital restrained-slip rear differential

• recaro performance seats

• magnetic trip manipulate adaptive suspension